Books Are My Bag Campaign

Have you heard about the BOOKS ARE MY BAG campaign yet? I think it's something we really need to get behind in order to champion our local independent book shops. I am very much guilty of buying from Amazon, mainly because it is quick and convenient but I do try to buy from a local book store as often as I can. Nothing beats wondering round a beautiful book shop and finding something new to read, the staff are often incredibly helpful and enthusiastic and we must do all we can to keep these shops going. So all you have to do is visit your local book shop on Saturday 14th September and buy a book, tweet about it, facebook it, blog, just let people know that you are supporting the campaign! 

Here's a little more information plus the website address:

Booklovers across the UK & Ireland are being encouraged to join an unprecedented nationwide campaign – BOOKS ARE MY BAG – that celebrates high street & campus bookshops. BOOKS ARE MY BAG is a collaboration between publishers, bookshops, authors and agents, devised by advertising agency, M&C Saatchi, to champion the passion for books and bookshops and celebrate their cultural importance on the high street.
For many people bookshops conjure fond images of book readings, in-store cafes and delight at the discovery of a new author. In fact, 56% of all book buying decisions are made by consumers in a bookshop and high street bookshops (both chains and independents) still account for almost 40% of books bought by consumers (by value) (Bowker Research 2013).  Yet, many high street bookshops are under threat from punitive rates and rents, as well as pressure from the internet book retailers.
BOOKS ARE MY BAG aims to reverse this process by reigniting the nation’s love of bookshops, calling on book lovers to show their support by visiting and purchasing a book from their favourite bookshop on Saturday 14th September. A full list of the events can be found at the BOOKS ARE MY BAG website (www.booksaremybag.com).
BOOKS ARE MY BAG was launched to the bookselling industry in April at The London Book Fair and has since recruited around 100 high profile UK and international authors, broadcasters, models, sports stars, actors, politicians, chefs, journalists and comedians willing to lend their image to the campaign, to be photographed with the iconic canvas bag which has been designed as the centrepiece for the movement.

The BOOKS ARE MY BAG bag carries a simple and powerful message allowing readers to display their love and support for local bookshops while encouraging others to do so.  Over a quarter of a million bags will be distributed from 14th September to Christmas at over 1,800 chain and independent bookshops from across the UK & Ireland.

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