Okay, I have been having a little sort out again and am snowed under with books so I am looking for 6 guest reviewers, here's the rules:

1. If you want to review one of the books then please email me on dotscribbles@googlemail.com and tell me which book you would prefer. If you have a blog then please include a link to it in the email, if you don't have a blog then you can still review.
2. Please try and review the book within 3 weeks of receiving it.
3. I certainly don't expect to like every book that I read but all I ask is that you provide an honest, fair and respectful review.
4. Send me your review and I will post it on Dot Scribbles and Twitter. If you have your own blog then we can agree a date for it to go on at the same time.
5. This is only open to UK residents.

The books available are set out below, I shall try and update as they are taken but they will be given on a first come, first serve basis:

Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond (Pan Macmillan) Izzy's determined to escape her troubled past with a new start by the sea- but flirtatious Charlie Jones is causing complications. 
Alicia's been happily married to loyal Hugh for years but secretly craves excitement. Maybe it's time to spice things up? Emma's relationship with David was once fun and romantic but trying for a baby has taken its toll. Then temptation comes along...
As the future of the family's B&B becomes uncertain, Izzy, Alicia and Emma are thrown together unexpectedly. It seems that keeping up with the Joneses is harder than anyone thought. TAKEN

An Enormously English Monsoon Wedding by Christina Jones (Piatkus) Life simply couldn't be better for Emma Boswell. At twenty-seven she is engaged to the divine Jay Keskar, and every minute of her day revolves round planning the wedding of her dreams. Until, that is, Jay's parents announce that they want to 'get involved', and Erins' wedding heaven turns very much into wedding hell...
As Indian parents, Tavish and Deena have very firm beliefs about the kind of wedding their only son should have. Of course Erin will be wearing a sari! And of course all the Indian pre-wedding ritual ceremonies will be observed! 
As Bollywood comes to Berkshire, can East eventually meet West in perfect harmony? And what will happen to Erin and Jay's dream wedding if they don't?

The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne (Quercus) Amy Wilde is tired of the idiots her glamorous flatmate Jo tries to set her up with- she'd much rather be landscaping a garden with her dog Badger at her side than trying to find the man of her dreams. That is, until she meets Leo Wolfsburg. Handsome, polite, funny, intriguing- Leo is everything Amy could want in a man. Best of all, the attraction seems mutual. 
But Leo's lifestyle is a world away from her own. Private planes, charity balls, exclusive member's clubs- Amy begins to realise that her simple existence has been turned upside down. And just where is Leo's home country of Nirona anyway? Is this all too good to be true? TAKEN

Wicked Wives by Anna-Lou Weatherley (Avon) Casino owner and serial gambler Tom Black leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. So when he disappears, it's no surprise that foul play is suspected. 
Suspicion points to three women from his past; Eleanor, the socialite with a sordid past, Loretta, the power-hungry gold-digger, and Victoria, the glamorous, heartbroken author. 
But in the game of love there can only be one winner, and these woman will stop at nothing to get what they want. TAKEN

Me & You by Claudia Carroll (Avon) Angie thinks she knows a lot about her best friend Kitty. She knows Kitty is funny and generous but also unreliable. So she knows  there's a perfectly good explanation for Kitty standing her up on her birthday. Isn't there?
Kitty knows that she's the happiest she's ever been. She knows she's lucky to have a lovely boyfriend, Simon, and a best friend like Angie. But what she doesn't know is that her past is finally about to catch up with her. 
Heartbreaking and uplifting. Me & You is about how hard it is to leave our old selves behind and how love and friendship can heal even the most damaged hearts. 

Left Overs by Stella Newman (Avon) According to a magazine, Susie is a 'leftover'- a post-Bridget Jones thirty-something who has neither her dream man, job, nor home. She doesn't even own six matching dinner plates. 
According to her best friend Rebecca, Susie needs to get over her ex, Jake, and start online dating- or at least stop being so rude to every guy who tries to chat her up. 
But Susie's got a plan. If she can just make it to the 307 days till her promotion and bonus, she can finally quit and pursue her dream career in food. The surely, everything else will fall into place. If only her love life wasn't so complicated... TAKEN

There you go, six lovely books up for review! 

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