Book Review: Playing Along by Rory Samantha Green

Two lives. Two Continents. One Song...
Then: George Bryce was an awkward, English schoolboy fantasising about being in a band.
Now: George is front man of Thesis, an overnight Indie scene sensation. Intense, creative and self-effacing, his childhood dreams have all been fulfilled- so why does George still feel so lost?
Then: Lexi Jacobs was a confident Californian high school cheerleader, planning her future marriage and a meaningful career.
Now: Lexi is searching for substance in a life full of mishaps. Cautious, bemused and rapidly losing the control she used to rely on., none of her teenage dreams have delivered and she's left wondering "What's next?"
Follow George and Lexi as they navigate their days thousands of miles apart. Fly with them from London to LA and back again, as George copes with the dynamics of his tight knit band and loose knit family, while Lexi juggles her eccentric new boss, bored best friend and smother mother.
Even though there's an ocean between them and their worlds couldn't be further apart, George and Lexi are pulled together through music, and their paths appear determined to cross.
The question is- when?
Playing Along by Rory Samantha Green was such a refreshing read that I had real trouble putting it down.
The book doesn't contain chapters but instead shifts between George and Lexi's perspectives in short bursts. I really enjoyed this style as it felt extremely personal so I got to know the two main characters very quickly.
I liked Lexi and I thought that her character brought a lot of humour to the story. But it was the character of George that made this book so good. I loved the way in which the author explored the many sides of him. There's the rock star who lo
ves being on stage and meeting the fans but behind all of that is an incredibly vulnerable person who is chasing acceptance and respect from his own parents.
I was willing Lexi and George to get together as you get the feeling that they would be perfect for each other. I don't know if Rory Samantha Green knows someone in the music business but I felt that she painted a very realistic picture of life within a world-famous band.
Playing Along will capture your attention and emotions from beginning to end, you will fall in love with George but more than anything you will want George and Lexi to be find each other.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 4.75/5
Pages: 290
Publisher: Write To Be You Press

Many thanks for the review copy of this book, Playing Along is available to buy now!

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