You have to love 3for2!!

Mr S has just taken me on a trip to our local Borders to cheer me up!! It is one of the things that I love the most about living in Leicester; we have this massive Borders about 10 minutes from our house with a big Starbucks and it is open until 10pm every night! It's nice to go and look at all the books and have a hot chocolate and a chat. I am very lucky in that Mr S is quite happy having a look around at the books too; I wonder if I would ever have been able to have a relationship with someone who didn't like reading as well? Hmmmmm I have never really thought about that!
Anyway I decided to take full advantage of the 3for2 offer that they had on; they had loads of books to choose from and it took me a while but eventually I decided on:
1. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella (really fancied something nice and light at the moment)
2. The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold (I loved her other two books so instantly picked this up when I saw it, although I have just looked on Amazon and there are some very negative reviews so we shall see)
3. The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse (This looks really good, I love books centred round houses with lots of mysterious secrets).

So they should keep me going for a while! I am going to make a return visit to the library at the weekend; I went last week and was not really that impressed but I shall give it another go.

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Cupcakes and Peonies said...

Oooh can I read the Sophie Kinsella and Alice Seabold books after you please lovely? Good choices ;o) xx

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