Nearly finished!

Mr S' last exam is today, I will be very pleased when they are all over! Our house has been a bit stressful over the past few months with books everywhere and me pretending to be a patient! He has worked really hard so it will be so good for him to have a bit of a rest before he starts going into the hospital properly in February. I am so glad that I no longer have to sit exams; you do so much work and preparation for them but so much rides on the actual day doesn't it? If you haven't slept well or if you get a bad question then it can throw you right off! Of course I said none of this when I pushed Mr S out of the front door this morning; I know he will be fine anyway he just gets really nervous!

The new year is going well so far; we had a really nice weekend, saw my best friend on Friday night for a catch up and then had lunch with my lovely sister and her husband on the Saturday. I think this weekend is going to be a very chilled out one; we need to decide if and where we are going to go for a little break and sort bits and bobs out in the house, very boring!

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