Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella

This book is a really easy read, think it only took me just over a day but it is still very good! I was looking for something really light to read and this was perfect for that. The story is quite simple really; Kate wakes up from an accident suffering with Amnesia; she has literally cannot remember anything from the past three years of her life. It seems a lot can change in three years in Kate's life; she has gone from dates with Loser Dave to being married to the seemingly perfect Eric who is gorgeous and also luckily a millionaire property developer. So Kate initially believes that she has woken up to a new, dream lifestyle but then the questions begin, was she truly happy before the accident? Then she meets a handsome stranger who knows far too much about her and there are even more questions to address.
I did really enjoy this book, it's all very lovely and perfect but you occasionally need a book like that don't you?


Me, Myself & I :) said...

Love her! just ordered my copy of this book to hun :)
Claire xx

Dot said...

Ah I really enjoyed it- she's good isn't she! xx

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