26 wasn't too bad after all!!

Well I had a lovely Birthday! Mr S bought me lots of lovely presents and cooked me a delicious dinner last night! My beautiful sister and her husband sent me some gorgeous cupcakes and came over for dinner last night too! They also bought me lots of lovely presents, I was very much spoilt yesterday! We had lots of cake and apart from one little glitch I had a really special Birthday!

Alfie arrived on Sunday and is settling in well! He is tiny- when he sits down he just looks like a fat owl! Yet for something so tiny he can make a lot of noise!! We want him to sleep in the kitchen at night rather then upstairs with us and this is when he kicks off. It is such a strange noise, kind of a cross between a flock of seagulls and an excited chimpanzee! He just needs to get used to it though I think! Mr S and I look as though we have not slept for about a week, we are purchasing some ear-plugs this afternoon and will hopefully get a full night's sleep this evening!

Well that is all for today, thank you to all the people who made my Birthday very special, means a lot!

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Cupcakes and Peonies said...

Glad that you had a lovely birthday babe!! You deserve it xx

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