Sleeping Under Water

Sleeping under water is exactly what it feels like when you have to resort to sleeping with ear plugs jammed in your ears as Mr S and I had to last night. Now don't get us wrong, we both LOVE Alfie, absolutely love him but he is still freaked out about sleeping on his own. When he wakes up in the night he makes sure that we and probably the whole street know about it! So Mr S suggested that we purchase some ear plugs as we are both feeling like we have jet lag but without the added benefit of having been somewhere nice! They did work really well, just took a bit of getting used to; it really is like being underwater, everything is a bit muffled and you can really hear your heartbeat. They didn't cut Alfie out completely but it wasn't as loud so we got several more hours sleep and will be jamming them in our ears again this evening!

I had 2 lovely books for my Birthday and a nice big WH Smith gift voucher so that I can buy some more! I am re-reading Harry Potter at the moment, I am on the 5th book and loving it. I have wanted to re-read them for a while as I had the tendency to rush through them when they first came out just to find out what happens. It's nice to read them again and take my time; I think that people have very mixed opinions about J.K. Rowling but I have to say that I think she is brilliant. You can see that she has been influenced by other classic children's books but which writer hasn't been influenced by what they have read? I think that as you read the books close together you can see how she develops as a writer and you get a sense of her individual style of writing as her confidence clearly grows. I would love to write children's books- it gives you such a wide audience and something that J.K. Rowling has proved is that good children's literature can always transcend to adult readers.

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