BOOK REVIEW: Severed by Simon Kernick

You wake up in a strange room on a bed covered in blood.
You have no idea how you got there.
Beside you is a dead girl. Your girlfriend.
The phone rings, and a voice tells you to press play on the room's DVD machine.
The film shows you killing your girlfriend. Then you're told to go to an address in East London where you're to deliver a briefcase and await further instructions.
There's no way out.
If you're to survive the next 24 hours, you must find out who killed your girlfriend, and why. Before they come for you. 

Publisher: Corgi
Pages: 475 

I have only recently discovered Simon Kernick, I very much enjoyed his latest book, The Bone Field and I wanted to read more. The lovely Victoria Loves Books recommended Severed and this lady is always spot on with her recommendations so I promptly ordered and and read it in two days!
I don't think that I have ever read a book that has made me hold my breath so much. It's just non-stop from the very first chapter.
Tyler wakes up in a strange room, covered in blood, lying next to his girlfriend who has her head missing. He has no recollection of how he got there and what has happened. There is a TV and DVD player in the corner with his name and the instructions to press play on it. The film shows a man who looks like Tyler but is wearing a mask, viciously murdering his girlfriend. However, Tyler knows it's not him but who's going to believe him? He's then given an address to go to and warned that if he doesn't then the video plus murder weapon with his prints on will be handed over to the police. And so begins the worst day of Tyler's life.
Simon Kernick is so good at writing fast-paced, edge of your seat fiction. He sets the story up and then flies with it; each chapter offering twists and turns that you don't see coming.
I was impressed with how he tied it all together, he delves into Tyler's past in order to show the consequences on his present day situation.
Severed was exciting, action packed and entirely believable, I highly recommend this author.

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Mary Sheehy said...

Hi could you kindly recommend any blogs to follow I love crime mystery good fiction like The Muse I looked at blogs you recommend on your site and (respectfully) alot of them no longer exist and alot dont publish anymore one was last published 2012 Id like to follow current ones. thank you I love your blog

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