BOOK REVIEW: Pleasure Island by Anna Lou Weatherley

Secrets. Scandal. Betrayal. In Paradise, pleasure comes at a dangerously high price...
The host: Martin McKenzie, global billionaire and media mogul. Charismatic, powerful and always gets what he wants.
The location: A breathtakingly beautiful undiscovered island, nestled in the Aegean Sea. Private, secluded and not quite as it seems.
The details: Seven  days of pure hedonism, five-star luxury tailored to every desire, also includes... secrets, lies and infidelity.
As the guests begin to enjoy everything the luxury island has to offer, cracks begin to surface between the three couples. But that is not all. Someone is watching them. When they discover the truth- it will be explosive in more ways than they can ever imagine. 

Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 340

Pleasure Island by Anna Lou Weatherley is such a fun read. It really reminded me of books I have read by Victoria Fox; it is a perfect holiday read as it will keep you entertained from start to finish.
Martin McKenzie is a billionaire and media mogul. Hugely successful but also hugely disliked; he rarely does something unless it will benefit himself. So it comes as a surprise when he invites three couples to Pleasure Island for an all expenses paid trip of utter luxury and hedonism. All three couples are obviously wary but how will they react when they discover that they are being watched and what will the consequences of that be?
Pleasure Island has a very good pace, I was so shocked by the events of the first few chapters that I just had to keep on reading. I think the shock at the start of the book makes it stand out from others in this genre. I was not expecting it at all and it added another element to the book.
Pleasure Island is heavily concerned with secrets, scandals and betrayal so many of the characters are not very nice. Often though, I find that villains are usually the more interesting characters and Pleasure Island definitely has it's fair share.
Anna Lou Weatherley has written a brilliantly engaging and entertaining book which looks at the lengths people will go to in order to achieve fame and success. Pleasure Island will shock and surprise you and I recommend you read it, another great book from Bookouture.

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