BOOK REVIEW: The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby

On a sunny morning in November 1963, President and Mrs Kennedy are greeted by ecstatic crowds in Dallas.
Across the country at an exclusive Manhattan atelier, is Kate, the Irish seamstress responsible for much of Mrs Kennedy's wardrobe. She has never met the first lady, but she savours her connection. After all, she knows every tuck and pleat the beautiful clothes need to create the illusion of physical perfection.
Then comes the dreadful day when pictures of Kate's handiwork, splattered with the President's blood, are beamed across the world... 

Publisher: Virago
Pages: 310

The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby is a beautifully written, enthralling book. It mixes historical fact with fiction, producing a fascinating story that I was completely taken by.
Kate is the seamstress at Chez Ninon and they make beautiful clothes for the First Lady at their atelier in New York. The First Lady has been criticised for wearing French clothes so Chez Ninon make reproductions of French pieces; the famous pink suit was by Chanel and Kate spends so many hours reproducing it so that it fits the First Lady perfectly. She becomes obsessed by it and has no idea just how iconic that suit will become one fateful day.
Kelby explores the role of women; the First Lady is almost mirrored by Kate. Jackie Kennedy appears to have it all; the fame, the fortune, the beautiful clothes but how much of that is because of the man she married? Kate is extremely talented and driven; she is passionate about fashion yet she knows she needs to take a husband but that may mean giving up on her dreams.
The Pink Suit offers a detailed and fascinating insight into the world of designers and couture clothing. Obviously times have changed but in this niche fashion world, traditions and standards are revered so I imagine many practices are the same. The author's research was obvious throughout and she really brought the Manhattan atelier to life.
I highly recommend this book, the mixture of fact and fiction is brilliantly done, you will be not be disappointed.

Many thanks to Emily for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

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Kim said...

Ooooo.......can't wait to read this book! Thanks for a great review, Dot!

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