Guest Book Review: The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie

We have a guest review today from the lovely Rachel, this is her second post on Dot Scribbles and today she is reviewing The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie:

The first in a brand new series introduces Kiki Carlow, a woman on a mission to create her perfect wedding.
Kiki Carlow is shocked but delighted when boyfriend Thom proposes. Planning a wedding is easy, right? That’s as long as you ignore:
1. The utterly bankrupting price of the only dress you’ll ever truly love.2. Your suddenly pregnant sister – surprise!3. The celebrity wedding you’re covering for work which is devouring your every waking thought.4. The Mother of the Bride. Entirely.
Kiki soon discovers that planning the perfect wedding might just bring total chaos to the rest of her life. Can she stop being a Bridezilla in time to marry the man she loves?
Heart-warming and hilarious, The Wedding Diaries will make you laugh, cry, and want to watch Bridesmaids all over again…

The Wedding Diaries follows a newly engaged couple Kiki and Thom in the lead up to the most important day of their lives. The book is as the title suggests written in a diary format which I found a nice concept (I am a huge fan of the Bridget Jones books). Kiki writes to-do lists through her diary which at first I thought was a nice idea but as the story went on and the lists grew longer I felt that they were not really necessary. I disliked the character Kiki throughout the book and only slightly warmed to her towards the end of the story. For most of the book she was acting like a "bridezilla" and although plenty of events unfolded to change her outlook and grasp the important concepts of a marriage, I don’t think the character was portrayed very well in understanding this lesson.

Having said all that the book had some real laugh out loud moments, really funny one liners and scenarios that were a recipe for disaster that I enjoyed reading. As the book was the first in a series of three, I would give the second one a read, in particular i would be interested to see if some of the supporting characters(such as Jacki and Pedro) would be developed more in the next book.

This was not a book that I could not put down but it was a book that I picked up on and off. An easy read that you don’t really need concentrate on. Good for the upcoming holiday season.

Rachel's Rating: 3/5
Pages: 380
Publisher: Avon

Many thanks to Avon for sending me a copy of the book for review, The Wedding Diaries is out now. 

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