Book Review: The Trouble With Valentines by Kelly Hunter

Hallie Bennett loves flirting with danger, so when a man with trouble written all over him walks into her shoe shop, she finds him impossible to refuse.
Nick needs a 'wife' for a week to seal a Hong Kong business deal, Hallie needs £5,000. It might not be the most traditional Valentines Day proposal, but she's hardly a traditional girl...
Two beautiful (and borrowed) Tiffany rings later, and Hallie's on her way to live the high life. but the trip comes with a deadly twist. Will Hallie survive the week with her body- and her heart intact?
This is the first Mills and Boon book that I have read but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.
Hallie is working in a shoe shop when she meets Nick Cooper, he's buying shoes with his mother and they get talking. He has a big business deal to seal in Hong Kong and he needs someone to play the part of his wife for a week. He is instantly drawn to Hallie and thinks she could fulfil the role perfectly. Nick offers Hallie £5,000 to spend the week with him in Hong Kong, no strings attached and certainly no funny business. Hallie needs the money so she can finish her university studies, she does have reservations but she agrees to the proposal.
Hallie and Nick's relationship is mirrored by that of Jasmine and Kai's in Hong Kong. Jasmine is the daughter of the business man that Nick is dealing with and Kai is her bodyguard. Jasmine has been sheltered her whole life but she cannot ignore her feelings for Kai any longer, she believes he feels the same but why won't he return her affections?
The Trouble With Valentines is a really fun read. Hallie and Nick find themselves in many difficult situations during their time in Hong Kong. Kelly Hunter builds the relationship between the two gradually until their attraction is palpable.
I really enjoyed the friendship that develops between Hallie and Jasmine too. Jasmine desperately needs a friend and Hallie gives her the confidence to go after what she really wants and to step out of her father's shadow.
The Trouble With Valentines is a sexy, humorous, romantic read and one I highly recommend.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 4/5

Many thanks to Mills and Boon for sending me a copy of the book to review, it is available now.

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