Book Review: Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer

'The dead can't speak to us.' Professor Madoc had said.
This was a lie.
Because the body Patrick Fort is examining in anatomy class is trying to tell him all kinds of things.
Life is already strange enough for the obsessive Patrick without having to solve a possible murder. Especially when no one believes that a crime has even taken place. Now he must stay out of danger long enough to unravel the mystery- while he dissects his own evidence.
But as Patrick learns one truth from a dead man, he discovers there have been many other lies rather closer to home. 
This is the second book by Belinda Bauer that I have read and I thought it was brilliant and completely different from other books in the crime genre.
Rubbernecker revolves around Patrick Fort, he has Aspergers so looks at the world in a totally different way to most people. He wants to know what happens when people die. He saw his father die in front of him and he needs to know what happens afterwards. So Patrick enrols on an anatomy course at a medical school in Wales. The story is then joined by other plots and characters. We have cadaver number 19 who Patrick and his fellow students are dissecting; Patrick is sure that this man was murdered by no one will believe him. Part of the book is also told on the neurological ward where cadaver number 19 came from; the reader is given the story from one of the terrified patient's perspectives and one of the ward nurses who is less interested in patient care and more interested in bagging one of her patient's husbands. These plot lines gradually come together as Patrick's actions become more and more drastic in order to prove that cadaver number 19 did not have a peaceful end.
Rubbernecker is extremely dark and macabre but hugely entertaining. Patrick is a fascinating character and it was so interesting to see the world through his eyes. Most of the characters in this book have secrets and the consequences are mixed as they are revealed. All Patrick wants to do is reveal the truth; I was left questioning whether this was due to his Aspergers or just the need in him to do the right thing.
Rubbernecker is a crime novel but it is so much more than your standard thriller. Belinda Bauer gives the reader so much to think about without losing humour and also providing a gripping plot. I highly recommend this book.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 5/5

This book is published by Transworld is available now.


Nikki-ann said...

I loved Rubbernecker... Book of the year for me, so far! :)

jessicabookworm said...

I've read your's and Nikki-Ann's review of this book, and I am really keen to read this book now!

Jo said...

This book has made it to my bedside able so will be read soon!

Dot said...

Nikki-ann- It's such a good book isn't it!

jessicabookworm- Thank you, I really hope you enjoy it!

Jo- Good to hear, look forward to hearing what you think!

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