Author Interview: Victoria Fox, author of Hollywood Sinners

I loved Victoria Fox's book Hollywood Sinners, you can read my review here. The book is full of glitz and glamour so it was great to be able to ask the author herself some questions:

1. How do you feel about the comparisons between yourself and Jackie Collins?

It’s pretty amazing, actually! I’m a long-time fan of Jackie Collins and to attract even one comparison is mind-blowing, let alone the many that I’ve had. Jackie’s early books are benchmarks in the genre – they were breakthrough and breakneck, totally uncompromising – and I admire her hugely.

2. There are a lot of larger than life characters in this book, do you have a particular favourite or one that you enjoyed writing about more than others?

I think I like Cole Steel best. He was where the book started; I wanted to write a book about a man like Cole Steel, in Hollywood at the top of his game, king of the world, but secretly with this huge emptiness at his heart. This is what fascinates me about fame and I think Cole captures that. He was meant to be an out-and-out baddie but he kept resisting that definition: there’s more to him than meets the eye. There’s definitely another book in Cole.

3. Hollywood Sinners would make a great holiday read. What type of books do you like reading in order to get away from it all?

Thanks! I wrote it with the holiday market in mind as it’s the kind of book I love to read while lounging by the pool. I adore bonkbusters with loads of characters, a really snappy pace and tons of exciting revelations. Favourites in the genre are Lulu Taylor, Jilly Cooper and J J Salem – anything with attitude, where you can tell the authors are having as much fun as you are. Next on my list is Aita Ighodaro’s Sin Tropez . . . what a stunning title! In a different vein, currently on my bedside table is Marian Keyes’ The Brightest Star in the Sky – she never disappoints.

4. I loved reading this book, do you have any plans for future books that I can look forward to?

That’s really kind of you to say, I’m glad. Yes, I have plenty of plans! Over the next eighteen months we have two more books scheduled, both of which will shock, surprise and scandalise! You’ll see some familiar faces from Hollywood Sinners as well as much new naughtiness. Watch this space!

Hollywood Sinners is a fab book, if you want to know more about this lovely author then please check out Victoria Fox's web page by clicking here. 

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