Book Review: Hollywood Sinners by Victoria Fox

Marriage to Hollywood heartthrob Cole Steel secured Lana a glittering place on the red carpet. But running from a wicked past, she has trapped herself in a gilded cage- the price of freedom...her soul!
Kate's career is fading as quickly as her looks...what could be worse than discovering her husband's latest mistress is Hollywood's hottest starlet? Her only option- the most shocking revenge?
Chloe's innocent beauty has captured a million hearts, but no-one's warned her of the dangerous, dark temptation of rock star Nate- will lust destroy her?
Las Vegas King Robert St Louis and Sin City's richest heiress's fairytale wedding is tabloid gold...But scandal circles like a vulture- dirty secrets are about to be exposed!
From the deepest desires come the deadliest deeds... and these four couples are about to pay for their sins...
The back of Hollywood Sinners explains that Victoria Fox is putting the bonk back into bonkbusters! She certainly is, the only way I can describe this book is as a full on romp and I loved every page of it!
I have read a couple of Jackie Collins books in the past and I think that Victoria Fox hits exactly the same level with her first book.
Hollywood Sinners has everything; power, sex, greed, lust, love, incest, glamour, wealth, fame- I could go on and on. The book is 589 pages long but I just didn't want to put it down and flew through it. The pace is terrific as we move from one character to the next.
As you would expect from a bonkbuster, some of the characters are larger than life but they all fit together perfectly. I think that Victoria Fox shows that fame is a business with a very high price to pay. The character of Lana Fox knows this. To the outside world she has everything, the movie star husband, the L.A. mansion, immense wealth and a successful career. But what would happen if people knew what went on behind closed doors? What if people knew that the door between her and Cole's separate bedrooms had remained firmly shut?
There is a lot of sex in this book but it is very tongue-in-cheek. I know that some people have a low opinion of this type of book but I have to hold my hands up and say that I think they are brilliant. Hollywood Sinners is pure escapism and I think that there are times when you need that from a book. I think that this book would make a great holiday read and don't be put off by the size as I guarantee that you will fly through the pages.

Many thanks to Mira for sending me a copy of the book, it is published on April 15th.


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Great review! I really enjoyed this book myself! I agree, I just flew through it, it was so much fun and some revelations were pretty shocking. I can't believe this is Fox's first novel.

Dot said...

Irena- I know, I can't wait for her next one!

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