Book Review: Marrying Out of Money by Nicky Schmidt PLUS 5 Kindle copies to be won!!!

Marrying Out of Money follows the life and loves of a rich coffee heiress Lou, who is madly infatuated with the less than erudite, tree-hugging, scruffy-to-the-point-of-smelly Hedge- member of rock band 4BY4. Lou's social-climbing mother decides that enough is enough, and hooks up with a poverty stricken aristocrat to arrange a marriage between Lou and the snotty, outrageously good looking Harry Partington- 40th in line to the throne. Not surprisingly, it's hate on first sight. Still desperately in love with rock star Hedge, but with her beloved father ill and wanting nothing more than to see her married, Lou sets about making herself so repulsive that the aristocrats decide that a future on a derelict council estate is preferable to having her as a daughter-in-law. Of course, nothing goes according to plan, and the coffee heiress finds herself questioning the wisdom of her actions, when she discovers that horrible Harry has a sensitive side after all. 
This book is a lot of fun! I found that I had to completely immerse myself in it as it's pretty unrealistic but it was a nice world to slip into for a few hours.
Lou is heiress to a huge coffee house fortune, while she has the million pound flat and the designer wardrobe, she is not afraid to put in the hours working hard for the family business. She loves and respects her father who created the business from nothing but the relationship with her mother is strained to say the least. Victoria Hubard openly admits to marrying for money and she fails to understand why her daughter feels the need to work rather than living off Daddy's credit card. Victoria was probably my favourite character as she is so ruthless; she has the money and now she wants the prestige that comes with a title hence her matchmaking with Lord Harry.
Lou is completely in love with Hedge who I found really irritating as a character. He is all about saving the planet and is constantly criticising Lou for her lavish lifestyle, however he is not averse to taking Lou's money off her for the many emergencies he seems to have.
Lord Harry is the opposite to Lou, he has the title and the stately home but his family are skint due to his father's dodgy investments. Harry has a reputation as a ladies man so when his mother sets him up with Lou, he is not too pleased about it. Lou does everything she can to put Harry's family off her but when she feels like she is succeeding she begins to have regrets. Is she stubbornly against Harry solely because she doesn't want to give in to her mother? Maybe Hedge isn't right for her and maybe Harry has another side when you remove his playboy facade?
Nicky Schmidt has written a very entertaining book with some larger than life characters. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it for a light, entertaining read.

The lovely publishers of Marrying out of Money have 5 Kindle copies to offer the readers of Dot Scribbles. Simply leave a comment with you email address in and I shall pick 5 and give your details to the publishers who will send you a gift certificate for the book, good luck!!!

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Goddess of Blah Book Reviews said...

I've been meaning to read this - shame i don't have kindle!

(although i prefer old fashioned books but at time sliek this eurgh!)

Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your reviews! Excited about reading this book. I have a kindle but yet to be sold as I love the smell of books. Husband drew the line after me got charged extra baggage because of my books so have decided it's perfect for holidays- or hubby's has! Email r_murthwaite@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks dot!!

Anonymous said...

Good review, certainly a book for escaping in on my kindle. joannedarcy@btinternet.com for the draw.

ACF said...

Good review, I'm loving escapist books at the moment. Reality is frightfully boring!

Nadia said...

Sounds like a fun read. Throw my name in for the draw! Cheers!

bagambo (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nikki said...

Sounds good! Count me in for the draw: nikki@judgingcovers.co.uk

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