Life is a little testing at the moment!

Oh dear, I was beginning to feel as though I had picked myself up a bit and I was just starting to brush myself down but then someone came and pulled the rug from under my feet AGAIN! Some people really do not think about their actions and how they affect all those around them and it makes me so angry at the moment. Arrrrggghhhhh, anyway just a little rant, feel a wee bit better now!
Mr S had his first day in hospital yesterday; for the next two years he will be getting experience of how to be a real doctor by spending time in all the different areas. I cannot explain how proud I am of him; god knows what I will be like when we have kids as I was like an anxious mother yesterday when he left in the morning. I think a lot of people think that Mr S finds it all really easy as they do not see the sheer amount of hard work he has to put in. He knows that he is capable but he gets nervous as we all do but he does not show that to everyone so some people do not realise what a big deal yesterday was for him! Yet he survived and I think he secretly quite enjoyed it! The next two years are going to really test him but I know that he will be a fantastic doctor and it will all have been worth it!


Nicole said...

What a big day for you all. He's going to be putting in some grueling hours.

Dot said...

He is indeed, hopefully be worth it though!

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