Excuses, excuses!

My blogging has been a little lack lustre of late and I apologise, Mr S has been berating me for the few and far too short blog posts. I think that I may have got over the Reader's Block and have decided to re-read After You'd Gone by Maggie O'Farrell as I loved this book and I know that it will have me gripped!
I have been quite busy working on ideas for my writing, I have been running ideas past my lovely sister who has been very encouraging and excited! I feel as though I have a more complete picture of the story that I want to tell and I have been doing bits of research here and there and I believe that after the weekend I may actually be ready to start writing. This both excites and scares me slightly; I feel that I have this exciting story to tell but then I worry that I may not be very good at telling it! Mr S and my sister are right though in that I will never know if I don't try and if I enjoy writing then who cares whether it is any good anyway?

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