BOOK REVIEW: Final Girls by Riley Sager

Each girl survived an unthinkable horror. Now someone wants then dead...
They were victims of separate massacres, grouped together by the press and dubbed The Final Girls. When the police found Quincy Carpenter, she was bloodied and broken at the side of the road, the only survivor of a group of young women taken and tortured in the woods by a brutal serial killer. As time goes by, the scars fade and the memories become muddled, but when something terrible happens to fellow Final Girl Lisa, Quincy much dredge up as much of her horrifying past as she can. With the help of the only Final Girl left, Sam, she must unravel a mystery that started in the woods ten years ago. 

Publisher: Ebury Press
Pages: 356

Stephen King has described Final Girls as 'The first great thriller of 2017...' and I have to agree. This is the first book for a while that has made me very jumpy, wanting all the lights on at night kind of jumpy!
Quincy Carpenter is the
main protagonist, she is the sole survivor of a massacre more than 10 years ago. She remembers barely anything but she knows she survived as all her friends were brutally murdered at a log cabin in the woods where they had gone to celebrate a birthday.
Quincy has tried to get on with her life but the cracks are there. It all comes crashing down when she learns of the death of Lisa, another Final Girl who survived. This news brings another Final Girl, Samantha Boyd to her front door and suddenly Quincy has no choice but to face up to her past and what happened in the woods 10 years ago.
Riley Sager presents a fantastic debut; it is dark, thrilling, creepy and you will not be able to put it down. I was impressed with the pace that Sager keeps up throughout. There were points where I felt as though I had worked it all out but then there would be a new twist, the author keeps you on your toes, constantly questions past and present events.
Final Girls plays on all our fears and vulnerability; it's the creepy log cabin in the woods, the killer with the clown mask and the sharp knife. In a good way, this book very much felt like a traditional thriller, it didn't rely on any gimmicks. Riley Sager is clearly a new author to keep an eye on, Final Girls is fantastic.

Many thanks to Ebury Press for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

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