Book Review: The Villa Girls by Nicky Pellegrino

Escape, celebration, recovery, everyone goes on holiday for their own reasons. For Rosie, it is a chance to get away with her friends, a break from the worries of their normal lives. But of all the Villa Girls, it is Rosie whose life is changed  the most by those stolen days.
For Enzo, getting away isn't an option. The heir to an Italian olive estate, his destiny is clear. But when he uncovers a secret that tears his family apart, he must make one of the toughest choices of his life.
As the years go by and the girls grow up, each has their own journey to  make. But for Rosie and Enzo, time will lead them back to the same question: What will they do for love?
My lovely friend Kim from Still Reading sent me this book as she had enjoyed it so much. It was the perfect start to my holiday as it was such a great, easy read.
The Villa Girls follows Rosie, Addoloratas, Toni and Lou. It also follows Enzo, the heir to a vast olive estate in Italy.
The girls end up going on a villa holiday the year they finish school and they make a pact to go on a villa holiday together every three years, no matter where life has taken them. Rosie is the main female character and she has had more than her fair share of tragedy. The holidays are a chance for her to escape from it all and prepare herself to face everything again.
Enzo's life is so different  from Rosies, he is to inherit the family estate so his whole future is mapped out for him whereas Rosie is still trying to come up with  a plan for hers. However, there seem to be a few secrets in Enzo's family and he feels that it is his duty to get to the bottom of it. How will Enzo and Rosie come together and will their two very different lives be able to come together?
The Villa Girls is mainly about family, love, relationships and friendships but it is also about food. There are so many descriptions of beautiful Italian food and recipes that this book will make you hungry.
This is the first book by Nicky Pellegrino that I have read but I was really pleased to see that she has written several others. Her descriptions are particularly detailed and it is easy to image the world she creates. This book is perfect for on holiday but perhaps not great if you are on a diet!

Dot Scribbles Rating: 4.5/5
Publisher: Orion
Pages: 336


Anne Williams said...

Lovely review Dot. Yet to get my hands on this one, but I've read and thoroughly enjoyed all Nicky Pellegrino's other books and loved them - I'm sure you will too.

Cheers, Anne

Kim said...

So happy you enjoyed it, Dot. It is a lovely book and having read three other Nicky Pellegrino books, I have to agree with Anne, they are so enjoyable and I too, have loved them all so far.
Great review.

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

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keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.


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