Little Weekend Meme

I saw this over at Verity's lovely blog this week so decided to do it myself! 

Age: 29 

Book Size: I like hardbacks to look at on my shelves but I am a paperback fan, mainly because I can fit them in my bag and they are easier to read in the bath! 

Chore that you hate: Cleaning but I have to admit that we have had a cleaner for the last two months and I LOVE her, she makes things much more sparkly and clean than I ever could! 

Dogs: Just the one, Alfie, he is a mischievous little shihtzu but I wouldn't be without him! Dr S would like a 'real' dog in the form of a labrador but I said we shall have the baby first, there's only so much toilet training I can handle at once!

Essential start to your day: Tea, I need at least two cups before I switch the computer on! 

Favorite colour: I have two, pink and blue. Good job I like pink as we have a very pink nursery now! 

Gold or Silver: Silver all the way! The sparklier the better!

.Height: 5' 7"

Instruments you play: I know how to play the piano but I would love to be able to sing. Obviously I can sing but it is painful for most people to listen to!

Job Title: I'm self-employed so don't really have one, company director sounds a bit silly when it's just me really! 

Kids: Expecting my first in January, can't explain how excited and terrified I am, keep worrying that she might not like me! 

Live: Leicester, UK. 

Milk: Is one of my favourite things at the moment, best cure for pregnancy heartburn that I have found! 

Nicknames: Dot 

Oldest living relative: Blimey, I'm not really sure about this one, husband's Grandma is about 86 so I think she qualifies as the oldest, she' great though, from Yorkshire and is not afraid to say what she thinks! 

Pet Peeves: Arrogance and lateness.

Quote from a movie: I never remember things from movies! 

Right or Left handed: Right.

Siblings: Yip, one older sister who is also my best friend! 

Time you wake up: About once every 2 hours at the moment, being 7 months pregnant does not make for a comfortable night's sleep.

Yes, rather large at the moment!

Vegetable you hate: All of them! I have to be guilt tripped into eating any of them by my husband.

What makes you run late: Usually Dr S, he is a get ready at the last minute type of person! 

X-Rays you’ve had: Hmmm, I've never broken anything so I think just boring dental ones. 

Yummy food that you make: I love cooking but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's yummy! 

Zoo animal: Giraffes all the way! 


verity said...

It's fun to see your answers too - soooooooooo envious of that cleaning lady!

Jo said...

Lovely to learn more about our blogging friends.

I think I might do this, as I have lots to say on my blog but cannot find the words to bring it all together.

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

It's great you answered this questions, now we know more about you. :) I'm sure the baby will love you, Dot!

Dot said...

Thanks lovely ladies!

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