Book Review: Vanish by Tess Gerritsen

The beautiful woman appears to be  just another corpse in the morgue. But when Dr Maura Isles looks down at the body, she gets the fright of her life. The corpse opens it's eyes. Now very much alive, the woman is rushed to hospital, where she murders a security guars and seizes hostages, one of whom is the heavily pregnant detective, Jane Rizzoli. But who is this woman and what does she want? Only Jane can solve the mystery- if she survives the night.
Another absolute cracker from Tess Gerritsen! Honestly, this author just gets better with each book in my humble opinion. I read Vanish in just over a day and a half and I just couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.
I felt with this book, more than Gerritsen's others that you really got to know the victims, there are a lot of flashbacks and the story being told from the victim's perspective, I think this added another layer and made for a more interesting read.
Obviously Jane Rizzoli and Dr Isles feature heavily. Jane is actually in labour when she is taken hostage and Dr Isles is left feeling completely useless in helping her friend.
What follows is a seriously gripping plot, rape, blackmail, corrupt government officials and murder. I think that Vanish may be my favourite of the series so far, this book should come with a warning though, once you start it , you won't want to do anything else until you have reached the last page.

Dot Scribbles Rating 5/5


Ellie Warren said...

I've really enjoyed the whole series though I fear it may be starting to tire now.

Dot said...

Ellie- I'm spacing them out so still enjoying them at the moment!

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