Book Review: A Surprise Party by Sue Welfare

When feuding sisters Suzie and Liz come together to organise a 40th anniversary party for their parents, they struggle to keep their own personal dramas in check.
Suzie is trying to keep her marriage afloat whilst Liz is keen to retain her Queen Bee status. Their mother and aunt are at logger heads and Suzie's daughters are experiencing the angst of adolescence. 
As the champagne flows and the drama unfolds; it quickly becomes clear that this is a party that no-one will ever forget- but will there be a happy family left standing?
A Surprise Party is a very enjoyable read. Suzie and Liz are organising a party for their parent's 40th wedding anniversary. The two sisters are like chalk and cheese, Suzie lives for her family and her garden whereas Liz is a judge on a TV talent show and lives for the next tabloid headline. The relationship between the sisters is mirrored in their mother Rose's relationship with her sister Fleur. It appears that all of these women have misguided perceptions about each other's lives. It is very much a case of believing that the grass is greener in each other's lives. Suzie's daughters Hannah and Megan are also struggling. Their parents aren't communicating and Hannah is feeling the peer pressure from the same group of friends that her mother has been trying to keep her away from.
A Surprise Party only covers the time period of the actual party which I didn't think would work. However it was successful as it brings all of the main characters together and the readers gets to watch the fireworks!
I think that Sue Welfare has written a lovely book that looks at family relationships that we often take for granted. I enjoyed her writing style and I was pleased to discover that she has written four other books which I shall be taking a look at.

Many thanks to Avon for sending me a copy of the book to review, A Surprise Party is out now.


fiction-books said...

Hi Dot,

Great review, this sounds like a nice, easy read, to while away a few hours on a lovely Spring day.

I love books where family relationships are the central theme. They always throw up analagies that can be seen in most families, if you were to strip out the pretence and the false front, that we always show to the outside world!

Parties, or any gathering, is sure to open old wounds within a family, but everyone sits around pretending that things are great when they are busy chatting, only to bitch behind each others backs later!!

Looks like a must read for me


verity said...

I don't think I've come across Sue Welfare, and I like the sound of this. Always nice to discover a new chicklit author!

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

I just one a copy of this and I can't wait to read it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the book, it does sound like something that I like to read.


Dot said...

fiction-books- It was a lovely read and you're right about the analogies thrown up, makes you think a little bit!

Verity- I hadn't heard of the author before but it was a lovely read!

Jules- Hope that you enjoy it!

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