Book Review: Dirty Tricks by Jo Carnegie

Fashion Queen Saffron is leaving the London party scene for the country, to write her bonkbusting novel. It means six months without gorgeous boyfriend Tom... but at least his supermodel twin brother will be there to keep her company!
Good girl Harriet, meanwhile, has swapped country life for the bright lights of London, and finds herself working with quite possibly the sexiest man she has ever met. But what dangerous secrets lurk behind those twinkling blue eyes of his?
New lives, new temptations. Have both girls bitten off more than they can chew?
I read Jo Carnegie's other book Country Pursuits and really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to this one when it arrived. Corgi appear to have given the author's front cover a different feel and I personally think it's an improvement, I would definitely pick it up in a shop.
Saffron and Harriet are both extremely likable characters and it's a great idea to have one in the country and one in the city, I really enjoyed reading about what they were getting up to. Both women are effectively trying out new lives; Saffron is pursuing her writing career and Harriet is pursuing romance. There are a fair few supporting characters in this book and I think that is one of the main reasons that I enjoyed it so much. Harriet's father, Sir Ambrose has been left to fend for himself at the stately home whilst his wife is off travelling. He provides many comical moments and almost plays his daughter at her own game of trying something new in life.
There is a lot of romance in Dirty Tricks, Saffron has steady boyfriend Tom and the surprising arrival of his supermodel  brother Rex. Meanwhile Harriet has fallen for her new boss who has more secrets than she ever could imagine. Throughout the book we get snippets from the bonkbuster that Saffron is writing; they are very entertaining but you soon realise that Harriet and Saffron are having a few romps of their own.
This book has been perfect for sitting in the sunshine with over the past two days. Jo Carnegie's writing is incredibly warm and inviting, I would highly recommend Dirty Tricks.

Many thanks to Corgi for sending me a copy to review, Dirty Tricks is out now!


Emma said...

I picked this up because of the cover (I'm one of 'those' people) and realised when I got home that I had seen her other books, I just wasn't endeared to them because of the cover.

Been hearing good things about it and I keep looking at it whilst I get through my TBR pile, so might bump it up.

Do I need to have read the other books before this one?

Dot said...

Emma- I thought this cover was lovely! You don't need to have read her other books but I would give them a go in the future as they are very good!

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

I really want to read this one!


Blodeuedd said...

Stumbled upon this blog :)

And sounds like a good book, and it does look so cute too, lol

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