Book Review: One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner

The 07:44 train from Brighton to London. Carriages packed with  commuters. One woman occupies her time observing the people around her, opposite, a girl applies her make-up. Across the aisle, a husband strokes his wife's hand. Further along, a woman flicks through a glossy magazine.
Then, abruptly, everything changes: a man collapses, the train is stopped, an ambulance called. And for three passengers that particular morning, life will never be the same again.
My very lovely sister bought me this book, she knows me very well as I had had my eye in it for a while.
I'm not really going to tell you more about what happens in this book as it would spoil it. One Moment, One Morning is about precisely that; one moment on one morning that alters everything. There are three main characters in the book, Anna, Lou and Karen, they are linked in different ways but they were all travelling on the train the morning that the man collapsed.
Sarah Rayner has ultimately written a book about friendship between women. There is quite a lot of action at the beginning of the book but what follows is these three women dealing with the aftermath.
I'm sorry to be a little vague but it would be a shame to spoil the plot for anyone. It reminded me a little of After You'd Gone by Maggie O'Farrell which I loved and still think is her best book. One Moment, One Morning a very good read that I would highly recommend.


Misha said...

Thanks a lot for the review! I loved After You'd Gone by Maggie Farrell, so I am sure I would love this one too.

Dizzy C said...

This one found it's way into my stocking this year too.

Looking forward to it.

enjoy ur weekend!


Nadia said...

Loved your review, Dot! I'm an intrigued and now I need to find out what happened in that one moment. Hmmm. I guess I'll be adding another book to my TBR pile. Cheers!

Dot said...

Misha- It makes you think in the same way as After You'd Gone, it's a really good book.

Carol- you too!

Nadia- Don't worry my TBR pile only seems to be getting bigger!

Anonymous said...

I liked this book as well. Really captivating and it is difficult to review without giving too much away.

It seems so long ago since I read it but it still stays with me.

One More Page said...

I like the sound of this and I loved After You'd Gone too so will be adding it to my pile too!

Dot said...

josbookjourney- I always feel like I am doing a bad review when I can't give more detail but it would be too easy to give everything away with this one!

One More Page- Hope you enjoy!

Meg said...

Definitely sounds like a book I would enjoy, and that cover is beautiful!

Bethan. said...

Have just finished this myself :) - great review!

Dot said...

Meg- I fell in love with the cover, I think you would like this one!

Bethan- Thank you, hope that you enjoyed it too!

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