Book Review: Crusade by Linda Press Wulf

When a dazzlingly handsome boy riding a white charger arrives in Georgette's village, she is spellbound- both by the boy and crowd that surrounds him. They are all children. The boy is even more entrancing when he speaks. He seeks volunteers to join his Crusade- a perilous mission from which some may not return.
Georgette has never left her village before, but she knows she will follow the boy. And so begins a journey filled with terrible danger, sacrifice and true love, a journey which will take all of Georgette's courage to survive.
To be honest I am not completely sure what to say about this book. I know nothing about the children's Crusade so I was intrigued to find out more but there seemed to be quite a few slow parts in the book with lots of sleeping in fields.
However, I loved the questions that this book raised and I think that it would provide many talking points with young adult readers. Why did these children join the Crusade, was it their faith that got them through the journey and what is it that made the leader so captivating? It is very clever to have both a male and female main character that readers can identify with.
As I say, this book didn't grab me but I do think that the writing and the questions raised are excellent for getting young adult readers thinking about and discussing issues that are just as relevant today.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me a copy to review, Crusade was published on January 4th.

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