Book Review: Memoirs Are Made of This by Swam Adamson

This was a much longer book than I expected but I have really enjoyed it. The central character, Venus Gilroy shows us how to get ahead in journalism:
1. Take a job as PA to a glamorous writer, like Susanna Hyde, author of the wildly popular sex column Nothing to Hyde.
2. Spend your days running errands and delivering 'you've been dumoed' messages to ex-lovers who are yesterday's news. Realise life in Manhattan is not as glamorous as you expected.
3. But when the boss asks you to cover her column, do not, repeat do not, prove to be better at writing about sex than she is.
4. And when one day you accidentally hit it off a little too well with Susanna's lastest ex-toy-boy, sexy writer Josh O'Connell, keep this information very secret from her.
Memoirs Are Made of This is a really good story of a young woman trying to make a new life for herself in Manhattan and a new career for herself in the ruthless world of publishing. It was a little like The Devil Wears Prada with the glamorous setting of New York and the world of magazine publishing. There were not many twists and turn but it was still a good read.

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