Tuesday Catch Up

I started reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight last night and was hooked instantly- read the first 5 chapters and then Mr S made me go to bed! I really wanted to see what all the hype was about and so far I have not been disappointed!
I am not sleeping well again at the moment; I seem to get 2 weeks of sleeping normally and then 4-6 weeks of hardly sleeping! I just can't seem to switch off and then when I do finally sleep I have really bizarre dreams which then wake me up and we start all over again!!

We went into town after work last night and it was really busy with people getting their last bits and bobs! We went to get a couple of Christmas presents and I also got some shoes with a voucher that I had for my Birthday; I was pleased to find some high shoes that I could walk in and even more pleased when I got to the till and they were half-price!

Tonight I have my two best friends coming over for dinner, as everyone is a bit strapped for cash this Christmas we decided to have a Christmas meal together instead so I am really looking forward to that as I don't get to see them enough!

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Cupcakes and Peonies said...

Ah have a lovely time tonight babe xx

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