Good vs Bad

Hmm I am copying my lovely sister's blog here but it got me thinking so here we go; a list of the good and the bad in my life at the moment!


  • It is nearly Christmas and I am really looking forward to the break; I have felt much more festive this year!
  • My sister is settled in a lovely new house just in time to celebrate Christmas with her lovely husband and the pooches.
  • I have read loads of good books this year and have rediscovered how reading is one of the few ways that I actually manage to relax.
  • I (and Mr S) have clearly seen who our true friends are this year and there have been a few surprises but it's good to know isn't it?
  • Our sometimes lodger has left his Wii and I am hoping he will not be back for it before Christmas so I can get lots of Mario Kart practice in!
  • There are mince pies in the cupboard and snowballs in the fridge.
  • Mr S and I love Alfie to bits and he makes us smile everyday even when he has done a wee in my office!
  • Mr S and I are due to be married in 2009 and I am so excited to be his wife- we have our ups and downs like everyone but I wouldn't be me without him.

  • My lovely sister is very stressed about work and I wish she would let me help more- something I hope she lets me do in the New Year.
  • Mr S has exams straight after Christmas so he doesn't really get a proper break this year and he puts himself under too much pressure.
  • It still hurts everyday but I am getting much better at hiding it.
  • I need to put a lid on the temper that has developed from nowhere.
  • I am addicted to diet coke.
  • There are some devious people out there who should know better by now.

1 comment:

Cupcakes and Peonies said...

This post bought tears to my eyes!

You don't need to hide it, that's what we are here for! That's what you always used to tell me. Listen to your own advice.

2009 is a new year! Lots of exciting things happening chick! Including you doing more of the "stressful" stuff ;o)

Remember we love you lots and lots. Probably more than is actually possible!

PS - I think we are really stalled twins because the temper thing rings SO true at the moment! Mr L thinks he is living with the exorcist!! xxx

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