I love Books!!!

I hope that you all had a brilliant Christmas! Apart from coming down with a cold and sore throat, mine has been lovely! I had lots of lovely new books! Mr S bought me The Gate of Air by James Buchan; I have never read any of his books before and it is a ghost story so I am looking forward to getting stuck into that. My lovely sister bought me The Favoured Child by Phillipa Gregory who I love and The Secret Shopper's Revenge by Kate Harrison. She also bought me the Postsecret book by Frank Warren which is fascinating and I will be blogging more about that and I also had The Shopaholic's Guide to Buying Online 2008 which I am sure will come in useful. It does not end there though- I also received A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson just before Christmas and I also ordered the final two books in the Twilight saga so I shall be very busy reading at the moment!

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