The Credit Crunch

Deep, deep down,

In the cellar under the stairs,

Lives a large, four-eyed monster,

Covered in thick purple hairs.

The owners of the house,

Do not know he is there,

They should probably consider themselves lucky,

As any kind of monster in this day and age is rare.

Kids just aren't scared anymore,

They no longer check under the bed.

So this grizzly monster is in retirement,

And spends his time reading The Financial Times instead.

The news of late has not been good,

Reports of the credit crunch beginning to bite.

Monsters may need to go back to work,

As parents can't afford computer games and DVD's to entertain their little mite.

A life of scaring is not a bad one,

It does kids good to use thier head.

This monster is going to start doing his stretches,

So he can lie in wait under the bed.

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