All over the place

Nothing really went to plan this weekend! My sister and I were supposed to be having our hair done on Saturday morning and then all four of us were going to have some lunch but their car broke on Friday night so they had to cancel. Then on Sunday Mr S and I had planned to go to Victoria Park for the Remembrance Day Service at the war memorial but when we got up Alfie was really poorly so we had to make do with watching it on TV instead whilst taking it in turns to clean up Alfie's little presents! In some ways it probably did us good to have a quiet weekend as it meant that we both relaxed a bit. Everything has been rearranged for next weekend and my sister and her husband are coming to stay for the whole weekend which will be lovely!
I have read loads of my book this weekend and I am really enjoying it. I was a bit worried as I loved Elizabeth Noble's first book The Reading Group but then I haven't enjoyed the others, however, this one is really good and quite hard to put down!
We are going back to Birmingham this evening as our friend's boyfriend is an actor and he is in a play. We have never been to a play before where we know one of the cast, I think I will find it a bit odd. I said to Mr S as well that he must look like he is enjoying it even if he isn't as we don't want to offend anyone. Sounds like quite an interesting play anyway so we shall see!

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Cupcakes and Peonies said...

Ah I am glad that you enjoyed the play chick! I ♥ the theatre! xxx

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