That extra hour makes all the difference

It is so good when the clocks go back as you get that extra hour in bed, we didn't quite get a full hour this morning because of Alfie crying the house down but we got a bit extra. Mr S and I were talking and we do both like the Winter but we both really struggle with it being dark when you get up in the morning. I just always feel like I haven't had much of a day as you wake up and start work when it's dark and then the sun goes down just as you are finishing. One of my best friends has one of those light box alarms, it impersonates daylight as it would be in the Summer so when you wake up, the room you are in is lovely and bright. Mr S suggested we get one, I am going to look into it but I also thought surely the illusion has totally worn off by the time you leave the bedroom and head for the shower or maybe it just gives you that little kick up the bum you need to get your day going, hmmmmmm?

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