BOOK REVIEW: Somewhere Beyond the Sea by Miranda Dickinson

Seren MacArthur is living a life she never intended. While grieving for the loss of her late father, and trying to save the Cornish seaside business he built, she has put her own dreams on hold and is struggling- until she discovers a half finished seaglass star on her favourite beach during an early morning walk. When she completes the star, she sets into motion a chain of events that will steal her heart and challenge everything she believes. Jack Dixon is trying to secure a better life for daughter Nessie and himself. Left a widower and homeless when his wife died, he’s just about keeping their heads above water. Finding seaglass stars completed on Gwithian Beach is a bright spark that slowly rekindles his hope.Seren and Jack are searching for their missing pieces. But when they meet in real life, it’s on the opposing sides of a battle. Jack is managing the redevelopment of a local landmark- and Seren is leading the community campaign to save it. Both have reasons to fight- Seren for the cause her father believed in, Jack for his livelihood. But only one can win. With so much at stake, will they ever find what they are really looking for?

Publisher: Pan
Pages: 496

I completely loved this book! Somewhere Beyond the Sea is a delight from beginning to end. I have a huge desire to visit Cornwall but Miranda Dickinson created such vivid images with her descriptions that I feel like I have already been. 
Seren MacArthur is trying to keep her father’s ailing art gallery going after his death but it is a huge struggle. Jack Dixon is struggling too, he has lost his wife and is doing everything he can to support his young daughter Nessie. He and Nessie begin to make beautiful stars on the beach made from seaglass. Seren finds them and begins adding to them. For both parties it becomes the highlight of their day and they have no idea about each other. 
Seren and Jack’s paths cross when he is the lead on a new building project that Seren and the community are opposing. They are on such different pages yet there is an undeniable connection between them. Can it ever come right and is there a solution that would make them both happy?
Miranda Dickinson gets the tone just right within the book. I loved the romantic element but she makes it realistic too by exploring the many issues that Seren and Jack have independently.
The Cornish setting is beautiful and lends itself perfectly to the story. I really enjoyed reading about the community that Seren lives in and how it has both helped and hindered her. 

Somewhere Beyond the Sea made me smile and feel hopeful for life changes and new opportunities, it’s a lovely read. 

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