BOOK REVIEW: Whistle In theDark by Emma Healey

How do you rescue someone who has already been found?
Jen's 15 year old daughter goes missing for four agonising days. When Lana is found unharmed, in the middle of the desolate countryside, everyone thinks the worst is over. But Lana refuses to tell anyone what happened, and the police draw a blank. The once-happy, loving family return to London, where things start to fall apart. Lana begins acting strangely: refusing to go to school and sleeping with the light on.
With her daughter increasingly becoming a stranger, Jen's sure the answer lies in those four missing days. But will Lana ever reveal what happened?

Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 328

Emma Healey is the author of the hugely successful novel, Elizabeth is Missing. Whistle In the Dark once again showcases her huge talent. I was so impressed by her ability to show the vulnerability and fragile nature of complex family relationships.
Jen and Lana have gone on a painting holiday when Lana, aged 15, goes missing. She is found four days later, relatively unscathed but adamant that she can't remember what happened. The family return to London but life is not
the same. Jen is grateful to have her daughter back but she is desperate to know what happened and why her daughter is now so different.
Whistle in the Dark is beautifully written, rather than being split into chapters, each section has a heading and each one is a snippet so you find yourself wanting to keep turning the pages in order to gain more information.
There were times when I found Lana extremely frustrating but as the mother of a young daughter she also terrified me. I could put myself in Jen's shoes and recognise the terror I would feel if my daughter disappeared and the feelings of frustration over not knowing what happened. I think some of the feelings are borne out of love and care but also the certain amount of control you need over your children.
Emma Healey opens up family relationships and examines them closely within this book. At times, the thoughts and feelings revealed are brutal yet beautifully honest.
Whistle in the Dark is a beautiful book that I think will resonate with many readers.

Many thanks to Penguin for inviting me to review this book, it is out now! 

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