Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I have to apologise for the lack of posts recently, work and life seem to have got in the way but the good news is that I have loads of reviews to share with you as I've still been reading. I ended up reading 45 books in 2017 which didn't seem like very many so shall have to up my game in  2018. I'm very pleased with what I read though, I tried to take myself out of my comfort zone and try authors and genres that I wouldn't normally choose. I have read a lot more literary fiction this year and very much enjoyed it. I joined a book group which has been fantastic; there is quite a lot of alcohol involved but it's lovely to get together with a group of people and talk about books.
So I am hoping to read more in 2018 and I'm looking forward to sharing my reviews with you. Thank you so much to all the lovely publishers who continue to work with me; other book bloggers who offer encouragement and readers who take the time to leave a comment. Happy reading to you all in 2018!


Jean Bull said...

Happy New Year, Dot!
Good luck with your reading. I only manage one book a fortnight, so you've been doing better than me!

Dot said...

Thanks Jean! Happy New Year xx

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