BLOG TOUR: The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet

I am so pleased to be part of the blog tour for The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet, it is the perfect summer read and I think readers are going to love it! Here's the synopsis:

Time is running out...
Sabine knows that if she doesn't come up with a plan to save her little kiosk soon, it might be too late. If only her best friend Owen would stop distracting her with marriage proposals!
Harriet is returning to Dartmouth for the first time in thirty years, haunted by the scandal that drove her away and shocked by an inheritance that could change everything.
Rachel never expected to find love again after her world was shattered a year ago. But it seems as if the sleepy seaside town has different ideas...
One thing's for sure, it's a summer they will never forget!

Publisher: HQ
Pages: 283

Jennifer Bohnet has written four other books but this is the first I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had to read the book in time to take part in the blog tour but I wish I had been able to save it for my holiday as it would be a great book to read in the sunshine.
I was quite shocked when I checked the number of pages, it's only 283 but the author packs so much in and it only took me a couple of days to read it.
The Little Kiosk by the Sea is set in beautiful Dartmouth and revolves around three central characters. Sabine is trying to save the little kiosk she runs, it has become a huge part of her life and also provides a welcome distraction from her friend Owen's marriage proposals. Harriet has not been back to her hometown for over thirty years, she is dreading coming back to the town that she ran away from but a family inheritance that could change her daughter's life cannot be ignored. Rachel is picking up the pieces after a devastating year, the town has always held a special place in her heart but she gets more than she bargained for in return.
The Little Kiosk by the Sea is a charming read. I enjoyed the way the main three characters have their own separate story lines but Jennifer brings them
all together neatly. There were a lot of different characters in the book but they all bring something to the story and you want them all to do well. Each main character has a secret to keep and it was interesting to gradually learn the truth about each of them and I think they all slowly realise that they shouldn't let events from their past dictate their future.
As I said before, The Little Kiosk by the Sea would be perfect to take on holiday or just to while away a few hours sitting in the garden and I highly recommend it. Please check out the other dates on the blog tour to find out more about this lovely book!

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