BOOK REVIEW: About Last Night by Catherine Alliott

Molly has moved from London to rural Herefordshire chasing the good life. Swapping the tube for the saddle, she is living the country dream.
Apart from it isn't really her dream. It's her husband David's. And David is, well, rather dead now.
Then a distant relative of her late husband kicks the bucket, leaving a London townhouse in her possession, and Molly dares to consider chucking it all in. Quitting the Good Life and going back to her good life.
But there's a problem. A rather tall, handsome problem. In the shape of a man already living in Molly's new house. And when a face appears from her past, Molly is more confused than ever.
Will Molly's London dream replace her muddy reality? Do any of the men in her life have honourable intentions? And has she said goodbye to country life too soon?

Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 400

I haven't read a book by Catherine Alliott for ages and I really enjoyed this one. Molly is barely holding it together  in rural Herefordshire. She has bills mounting up, three children to care for as well as a selection of farm animals to upkeep. It has been her husband David's dream to leave London and live in rural bliss. But David has been  dead for five years and Molly is at breaking point. Her mother saves the day with the news that David's rather wealthy uncle has died and with no other family, Molly can claim the lot, it is an answer to her prayers. The inheritance, including a beautiful house in Kensington could not have come at a better time but Molly starts to question whether she wants to go back to her old life or is she actually happy where she is? Throw in a dashing art dealer, a disgruntled but kind vet and Molly certainly has her hands full.
I was after a light and entertaining read when I chose this book and it was perfect. There were some aspects of Molly's character that I didn't like but it didn't put me off and I still wanted to her to make the right decision and be happy. The interactions between her and her three children, Lucy, Minna and Nico were brilliant and brought a lot of humour to the book. Molly is trying to be balance being a responsible mother whilst also finding some happiness for herself.
My favourite character in the book was Paddy, the vet; Molly just views him as a disgruntled, grumpy, judgemental man until her shows his true colours and comes to her rescue on more than one occasion.
The contrast between London and Herefordshire was very entertaining and it was very easy to see why Molly was so torn between the two. As we discover David's real reason for wanting to move out of London, it becomes obvious why Molly my have reservations about going back.
About Last Night is a funny, touching and enjoyable read. If you are looking to escape for a while then Molly's chaotic life would provide the perfect distraction.

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