Dot and Darcey Review: Too Many Bears in the Bed by Andrew Baylis

All children love teddy bears so how could you have too many?!
'Too Many Bears in the Bed' is the story of a young boy who has so many teddies there is no room in his bed for him.
Meet over one hundred of the boy's favourite teddy bears as he explains to his mother why he can't bear to part with any in this charming rhyming story. 

This is the first Dot and Darcey review and we have a great book to kick off this new feature, Too Many Bears in the Bed, written and illustrated by Andrew Baylis.
This rhyming story is lovely and it is packed full of charming and detailed illustrations. Darcey has a huge selection of teddy bears on her bed so she very much identified with the little boy in the story as I'm sure most children would.
Too Many Bears in the Bed is a very simple story but one that provides so many talking points with young children. Darcey loved talking about all the different bears that feature and which ones were her favourite (Slimy and Golden Bear). We talked about how people come in all different shapes, sizes and colours too. She really loved the last few pages which talks about all the different jobs the bears have (fireman, magician, pilot and waiter to name a few) and she wanted to make her own stories about some of them; this is a book that most definitely sparks the imagination. We have read this book so many times and Darcey still finds something new to enjoy so you can't really ask for more. Too Many Bears in the Bed is a great book which I highly recommend to young readers. The only problem is that I think I am going to struggle even more now to get Darcey to part with any bears at the end of her bed.

Click here to visit Andrew Baylis' website to find out how you can buy the book.


Nadia A said...

What a fab post by you and your daughter :) The book sounds perfect for kids. I love that sparked her imagination, which is exactly what good books should do for children. This book actually made me think of my friend's son, he has a mountain of stuffed animals to the point that he can't fit on his bed, too :) This book will make such a great gift.

Dot said...

It's such a lovely book Nadia, thanks for your lovely comment!

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