I am so excited to be kicking off the blog tour for B-Side by Elle Field. I have read every book by this fabulous author and she never fails to disappoint! Elle writes the brilliant Arielle Lockley series and B-Side sits between Lost which is out now and Found which will be published this Summer! Here's the idea behind the book:

"What do I honestly know about the music industry? I'm just another idiot with a dream who is naive enough to hope that I might be the next big star." Etta Millhouse has always had big musical ambitions to match her big voice, but she's also got three very big problems - the addiction she won't admit to, her godmother's illness that she can no longer ignore, and her godmother's useless business partner (who she wishes she could ignore). Keeping an eye on Arielle's poor business decisions is the last thing Etta wants to do when she's offered the chance to record a demo with a top producer. But, a promise is a promise, even if it has her reaching for another pick-me-up... And then another. And then one more. When the secret she must keep for her godmother, Felicity, sends her drug habit spiralling out of control, can Etta battle her demons in time and make her dream happen? Or, will her music career be over before it's even begun?

B-Side is very much Etta's story and I thought it was excellent. It felt a little darker and more emotional than Elle Field's other books but it was really good and showed a different side to this author's writing. Etta is Felicity's goddaughter and the closest person she has to a mother; Etta is about to get her lucky break in the music industry, she is given an opportunity to make a demo with a top producer and it looks like her hard work may finally pay off. At the same time, Felicity's health starts to go downhill but only Etta knows about this, Felicity has made her promise not to tell anyone, especially her business partner, Arielle who Etta detests. Suddenly she has too much to handle, she needs to be at her best for the record company; look after Felicity whose illness is spiralling out of control and also keep an eye on what Arielle is doing with the business that Felicity is effectively bankrolling. Etta already has a drug problem but this level of emotional stress just highlights it and soon the only way she can get through the day is by taking something or other. Those around her are not stupid, including Felicity, they beg her to get control of herself but is it too late?
Elle Field has created a brilliant character in Etta, she can be quite feisty and prickly but for some reason she is still likeable. She is a little bit lost and has been dealt some very rough cards in life and I just wanted her to do well but it feels like everything is against her. Etta's relationship with Arielle is particularly strained but hints are dropped in this book that it is unlikely they are going to be able to part ways so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.Elle Field writes withsuch a good pace, at the end of every chapter you are left feeling that you just want to read a little bit more and before you know it you have read several more chapters. B-Side being set within the world of the music industry was a nice change and I think that Elle did it very well; she explored the murky world of celebrity and how easily it can eat people like Etta up, no matter how strong and independent they are.
If you have not read this series of books then you are missing out, I don't think there is anything quite like them on the market at the moment and I am always so excited when I find out that Elle has written the next instalment!

To coincide with the blog tour Elle Field is also doing an exciting competition that you can enter to win a £20 Amazon voucher:

a Rafflecopter giveaway Many thanks to Elle for inviting me to be part of the blog tour, please check out Elle's blog for details of the others stops!


Elle Field said...

Thank you so much for your stop on the B-Side blog tour today, and your awesome review. :) I'm so happy that you enjoyed B-Side so much. {^_^} xx

Tanya Phillips said...

I love the fact you have commented on this review as I find a lot of authors don't and it's always nice when they thank you. For this fact I'm off to buy some of you books and have recently won one. I will definitely review them x

Tanya Phillips said...

This is a great review. I look forward to reading the others in the tour.

Elle Field said...

Awww, thanks Tanya! I hope you enjoy the books - I'm posting Kept out to you tomorrow, but I'll tweet you when it's in the Post Office's hands! x

Tanya Phillips said...

Thanks X

Dot said...

Sorry Tanya, I've been away on holiday and only just saw your lovely comment! Thank you for stopping off at my blog and I am sure that you will enjoy Elle's books, I think they're great!

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