BOOK REVIEW: The Stylist by Rosie Nixon

Amber Green was just a regular girl working as an assistant in an exclusive London boutique . Until the day her life is turned upside down when she's mistakenly offered a job with the notorious, but fabulous 'stylist to the stars' Mona Armstrong. Suddenly Amber is flung head-long into the glamorous backstage world of the LA award season and finds herself helping to style some of Hollywood's hottest (and craziest) celebrity stars. 

Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 414

Rosie Nixon is Editor of Hello! magazine and The Stylist is her debut novel, it's a good one!
Amber Green was working as as assistant at an upmarket, exclusive London boutique . That is until Mona Armstrong, stylist to the stars co
mes in and poaches her. She needs a new assistant for the awards season and she has decided that Amber fits the bill. So Amber finds herself on a flight to L.A and The Golden Globes. Is she really cut out for this job though and what on earth should she wear?
The Stylist was such an entertaining read, I loved the warts and all look at the fashion and celebrity world; obviously it is a work of fiction but Rosie Nixon's experience and insider knowledge clearly drives the book.
There were a lot of humorous moments in the book but Amber Green was also very likeable and you want her to succeed more than anything.
If you are looking for a read full of glamour and backstage gossip then I recommend The Stylist, you won't be disappointed.

Many thanks to Midas PR for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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