BLOG TOUR: A Parcel for Anna Browne by Miranda Dickinson

I am delighted to be part of the Blog Tour for Miranda Dickinson's latest book, A Parcel for Anna Browne, another fantastic book from this very talented author!

Anna Browne is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life. Her day job as a receptionist in bustling London isn't exactly her dream, yet she has everything she wants. But someone thinks Anna Browne deserves more.
When a parcel addressed to Anna arrives, she has no idea who sent it. Inside she finds a beautiful gift- one that is designed to be seen. And so begins a series of incredible deliveries; each one bringing Anna further out of the shadows and encouraging her to become the woman she was destined to be.
As Anna grows in confidence others begin to notice her and her life starts to change. But who is sending the mysterious gifts and why?

Publisher: Pan 
Pages: 516

I have always enjoyed Miranda Dickinson's books and A Parcel for Anna Browne is one of her best. Anna moved from Cornwall to start a new life in London. She has a very normal life in the city, working as a receptionist at a big newspaper. Things get more exciting though when a parcel arrives for Anna at work. It contains a beautiful gift that has been especially chosen for Anna. There is no card with the gift though, Anna is overjoyed by the beautiful and thoughtful gift but she doesn't have anybody to thank. As more beautiful gifts arrive, Anna becomes more and more interested in who might be sending them. Each gift leads Anna to being more confident and they make her question whether she wants more from life.
I really liked Anna Browne as a character; she is clearly one of life's good people. I felt that at times she had very high expectations of those around her which on one hand was endearing but on the other was also slightly naive. Those around her seem to recognise that about Anna and are therefore quite protective of her.
A Parcel for Anna Browne made me th
ink a little of the early books of Cecilia Aherne. The gifts bring a magical element to the book. They bring a lovely sense of anticipation to the story as you wonder what each one will contain; how it will effect Anna and most importantly who is sending them?
I think that Miranda is always very good at describing the locations within her story, she manages to really bring them alive. I loved the description of the newspaper office and the types of people coming in and out. Having worked in a very similar building, I felt that Miranda got it spot on.
The supporting characters are all very good, each brings something to the story and some brought a great deal of humour which really lifted the story.
A Parcel for Anna Browne is a lovely book and it would make an excellent gift if you are already thinking about your Christmas shopping. Miranda Dickinson writes with warmth, humour and a little sparkle of magic in this book and I highly recommend it.

Many thanks to the lovely people at Pan for inviting me to take part in the blog tour! 

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Marlene Detierro said...

I really loved the idea and the concept behind this wonderful story. Miranda’s beautiful descriptions and flowing storyline made it so MAGICAL and UNIQUE. I always feel like being right there with the characters in Miranda’s stories and she always manages to put a huge smile on my face. This is another heart-warming, beautiful and stunning story by her, I’m excited for more!

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