BOOK REVIEW: The Playground by Julia Kelly

Eve is putting her life together again.
Her partner has walked out on her.
She's moved into a tiny flat on the outskirts of Dublin.
She has no job.
But she does have her beloved baby daughter and there's a little playground across the street. It's a tired spot for teenagers and tramps, but Eve is determined to make this new life work. Alongside her interfering lodger and a group of local mums she swings into action to make the playground the heart of the community.
But not all games are innocent- and not all friends are true. When a terrible accident is blamed on her, Eve must forge her own independence- and realise that the playground is not a place to hide from adulthood. 

Publisher: Quercus
Pages: 272

The Playground is the first book that I have read by Julia Kelly  but I very much enjoyed it.
Her writing style is quite disjointed but this just adds to the overall feel of the book. She does't necessarily want you to curl up and have a cosy time; she almost sets out to challenge you as a reader.
Eve's life is in turmoil, her partner Joe has walked out on her and their three year old daughter Addie. Her self-esteem is at an all time low and due to money worries they have had to leave their family home and move to a small flat in Bray. Eve just wants to make everything right for Addie who she loves more than life. So when an opportunity arises to improve the playground across the road, she jumps right in, not knowing what the consequences will be.
I can't really compare this book to any others I have read; I found Julia Kelly's narration original and absorbing. Eve is a fantastic character; there are times when we get almost a stream of conciousness from her which was very enlightening but almost made her seem even more vulnerable as I felt that I knew so much about her.
The Playground is a very enticing story that quickly draws you in. Julia Kelly is highly descriptive in her writing so it is easy to become absorbed in the world that she has created; I would highly recommend this book.

Many thanks to Quercus for sending me a review copy, The Playground is out now! 


Anonymous said...

Hi I love your blood and want to start a blog but haven't a clue is it best to use Wordpress or blogger when u review books do u just think of review when book completed or keep notes throughout do you know anywhere that's good to find how to start a blog thank you

Dot said...


Thanks for your lovely comments, feel free to email me on dotscribbles@googlemail.com and ask me any questions!

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