Book Review: Half Wild by Sally Green

Nathan Byrn is on the run.
White witches hunt him,
Black witches hate him,
His gift from his murderous father is a wild new power he can't control.
He must find the girl he loves.
Who may have betrayed him.
In a war between black and white witches with his loyalties split between both. the greatest danger Nathan faces might be himself. 

Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 400

I was completely blown away by Sally Green's last book Half Bad published last year. When I saw that the second in the trilogy was available, I was very excited but also a little nervous as I felt I had very high expectations.
I'm pleased to report that my expectations were met and Half Wild is a brilliant read. It is definitely not a stand alone book; the author does not give you a summary, she just takes you straight back into the action. So if you've not read Half Bad then you won't have a clue what's going on or who anyone is (another excellent reason to read the first book and then this one!)
Nathan is on the run, he has met his father who has given him three gifts and now he is searching for Gabriel and some kind of safety. He also needs to find Annalise before it's too late but he can't be 100% sure that she hasn't betrayed him.
Sally Green very much focuses on the change in Nathan since receiving his gifts from his father. They are powerful gifts that he must learn to control. His relationship with Gabriel is also key to this book; their friendship is so strong in a world where trust and loyalty are extremely hard to come by.
These books are so different from anything I have ever read. I quickly became absorbed in to the fantasy world that the author has created. There are quite a few action scenes towards the end of the book and they were dealt with so well; Sally Green's language and description brought them to life for me and I felt like I was in the thick of it with the other characters.
I really cannot recommend this author and her books enough. Her writing gives me goosebumps and I cannot wait to read her next book.

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