BOOK REVIEW: The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero

Everybody loves a ghost story...
The heir to Axton House and his companion are delighted to find themselves living in one.
With it comes nightmares, a secret society and a curse.
A ghost may soon be the least of their worries.
Part ghost story, part cerebral mystery, this is a dazzling and wholly original supernatural adventure. 

Publisher: Ebury
Pages: 368

The Supernatural Enhancements is one of the quirkiest books I have read and I very much enjoyed its originality.
A has just inherited Axton House in Virginia from a second cousin twice removed who he has never met. His cousin has just killed himself by jumping out of the window of the house, just like his father had done at his age.
A and his mute companion Niamh travel to Axton House to discover just what they're taking on. It becomes clear, very quickly that the house is haunted. A's cousin was involved in some kind of secret organisation and nobody wants to talk about what has occurred at the house over the years.
Edgar Cantero cleverly tells his story through a mixture of diary entries, transcribed tape recordings, coded messages and shaky home video footage. This quirky nature of the book is what makes it so good as you become part of the action. You have no choice but to start looking for clues and asking questions.
A and Niamh are both interesting characters but I liked Niamh in particular. As a mute character it is interesting that she has the most to say. She communicates by scribbling down messages. These messages demonstrate her close friendship to A and how protective she is of him; they make a very entertaining partnership.
If you are looking for a classic haunted house story then this is not for you. I didn't find this book particularly scary; more eerie and unsettling. Cantero does build up tension and you are expecting things to go bump in the night; there is not a ghost hiding in every dar corner though so when events do occur they have more of an effect.
The Supernatural Enhancements is a clever and interesting read. I enjoyed the way the book was put together as much as I enjoyed the story; I would recommend this book.

I reviewed this book via Netgalley.

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