BOOK REVIEW: The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams by Fiona Harper

Nicole Harrison is planning the proposal of the century. Too bad it's not her own...
Nicole, a born organiser and true romantic, thinks she's created the perfect job at Hope & Dreams proposal agency, staging YouTube worthy proposals. That is, until she's hired to plan a proposal by gorgeous photographer Alex Black's girlfriend.
Alex is the New Year's kiss that Nicole hasn't been able to forget- and now she's planning his wedding to someone else. But if she lets herself fall for Alex's charms, her reputation and business will be ruined before they've even got off the ground! Suddenly the girl who's always prepared is at a loss...and falling head over heels.
They say that life's what happens when you're busy making other plans. But what about love?

Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 396

Fiona Harper is a new author for me but I did enjoy her latest release, The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams. 
Nicole Harrison has big ambitions which she is channeling into her own business, Hopes & Dreams proposal agency. Helped by her friends Peggy and Mia, Nicole organised show stopping proposals that will be talked about for years. Nicole is tired of being the underdog and the business is her chance to be the person she has always wanted to be. The agency gets its big break when Saffron Wolden-Barnes, society It-Girl, walks in one day to ask them to organise a proposal to her photographer boyfriend Alex Black. Nicole can't believe her luck and sets out to meet Alex in the guise of a journalist in order to learn more about him so that she can arrange the perfect proposal. However when they come face to face, Nicole is shocked to discover that Alex is her New Year's Eve kiss. A man she left in a nightclub before finding out his name but a man that she has thought about every day since. Nicole has feelings for this man but if she messes up Saffron's proposal then she knows her business will be over. Should she follow her business head or her heart?
The Little Shop of Hopes & Dreams is a lovely, easy, romantic read. I liked the characters, especially Alex and whilst I felt sorry for Saffron; I ultimately wanted Nicole to find happiness. The proposal agency is a great idea and it allowed for a lot of humour to be injected  into the book via various situations.
Fiona Harper writes with an abundance of warmth and wit, I would recommend this book.

Many thanks to Cara at Harlequin for sending me a review copy of this book. 

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