BOOK REVIEW: The Christmas Party by Carole Matthews

Louise Young is a devoted single mother whose only priority is providing for her daughter Mia. Louise has a good job in a huge international corporation and she's grateful for it. The only problem is her boss who can't keep his hands to himself, but Louise can handle him. What she really doesn't have time for is romance- until she meets the company's rising star, Josh Wallace.
Louise usually says no to evenings out, but she's decided to let her hair down tonight. It's the office Christmas party, she has a pretty dress to wear and she's looking forward to some champagne and fun. She's completely unaware that others around her are too busy playing dangerous games to enjoy the party- until she's pulled into those games herself...
Romance is in the air and secrets are about to be uncovered. It's going to be a night to remember at The Christmas Party.

Publisher: Sphere
Pages: 413 

If you are on the lookout for a festive read then look no further than The Christmas Party by Carole Matthews. This book was so good, it's full of believable characters, dangerous liaisons, mince pies and plenty of champagne to go round.
The main character is Louise Young, she has just got a job at Fossil Oil as personal assistant to Tyler Benson. She is overjoyed as it means she can begin providing properly for herself and her young daughter Mia. However, her boss' wondering hands are beginning to prove a problem and he is the one person she will definitely be trying to avoid at the Christmas party.
Tylers' wife Kirsten has had enough of his wondering eye and she's dreading the Christmas party this year. Kirsten has been a loyal and supportive wife but her patience is wearing thin. An unexpected guest at the party turns her world upside down, can she carry on being the perfect corporate wife when her first true love has just returned?
At the top of the Fossil Oil tree is Lance Harvey and his beautiful wife Melissa. Lance is getting older and it is becoming harder to fight off the younger and more able competition. Melissa has also been attracted to some of the younger competition; when her latest affair goes wrong she begins to wonder whether she should carry on supporting her erratic husband or strike out on her own?
The majority of the book takes place at the actual Christmas party and this was my favourite part. Carole Matthews got the atmosphere spot on when you put a group of overworked and unhappy people and a free bar together. There were many comical moments during the party and these really kept the pace of the book going. I think that this might be Carole's raciest book yet; the Christmas party provided many opportunities for couples to get to know each other better.
I liked the way that Carole kept the momentum going once the party had finished. We get to see the consequences of everyone's actions and it was good to see some get their just desserts.
The Christmas Party is a fabulous, festive read. It is also Carole's 25th book which alone is a truly marvellous achievement. If you are new to Carole's books then this would be a great place to start and then you will spoilt for choice with all of her other titles.

Many thanks to Sphere for sending me a copy of this book to review, The Christmas Party is out now! 

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