BOOK REVIEW: The Teashop on the Corner by Milly Johnson

Life is full of second chances...if only you keep your heart open for them.
Spring Hill Square is a pretty sanctuary away from the bustle of everyday life. And at its centre is Leni Merryman's Teashop on the Corner, a place where three people will find a friend to lean on.
Carla Pride has just discovered that her late husband Martin was not who she thought he was. But now she must learn to put her marriage behind her and move forward.
Molly Jones' ex-husband Harvey has reappeared in her life after many years, wanting to put right the wrongs of the past before it's too late.
And Will Linton's business has gone bust and his wife has left him to pick up the pieces. Now he needs to gather the strength to start again.
Can all three find the comfort they are looking for in The Teashop on the Corner? And as their hearts are slowly mended by Leni, can they return the favour when she needs in the most?
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 492

The Teashop on the Corner is Milly Johnson at her best; warm, inviting, witty and entertaining. I devoured this book in about two days, I wanted to constantly be surrounded by the characters that Milly had created in order to find out what would happen to them.
The teashop run by Leni is delightful, she sells beautiful literary gifts and her cakes are named after famous authors etc. I found myself wishing that this was a real place as I know I would be in there a lot. Leni's teashop becomes a real safe haven for the main characters in the book, the shop brings people together who perhaps would not have met otherwise.
I always love the way in which Milly Johnson manages to tackle big issues in her book but without bringing the reader down. The Teashop on the Corner deals with death, infidelity, sexual abuse, domestic abuse and deception. I couldn't believe how much was packed into this book and it was done in such an effortless manner. As I said though, Milly Johnson shows the tough stuff but then ever so subtly lifts the reader back up, not an easy feat.
The Teashop on the Corner is a brilliant book, the characters and the storyline are spot on and I was very sad to reach the final page.

Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for sending me a review copy. 


Kim said...

Just finished it too! Like you, Dot, I wanted to stay with the characters and find out what happened to them. I also shed a tear or two but felt inspired after reading about all the difficult stuff the characters had and were going through.
Thank you for another great review.

Dot said...

Thanks Kim, glad you enjoyed it too! xx

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