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I have had so many lovely books arrive recently so I thought I would share some with you. If you've read any or are looking forward to any of them in particular then just leave me a comment!

The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway (Michael Joseph, 23rd May 2013) 1812: On a lonely battlefield in Spain, twenty-two year old Lord Nicholas Falcott is about to die... run through by a French Dragoon. But, the next moment, he inexplicably jumps forward in time, nearly two hundred years- very much alive. Taken under the wing of a mysterious organisation, The Guild, he receives everything he could ever need under the following conditions: He can't go back. He can't go home. He must tell no one. Resigned to his fate, Nicholas rebuilds his life in the twenty-first century, until ten years later, when an exquisite wax sealed envelope brings a summons from The Guild. It seems for a select few the rules can be broken and Nicholas is forced to return to and confront his nineteenth century past...
Back in 1815, Julia Percy's life has fallen apart. Her enigmatic grandfather, the Earl of Darchester, has died and left her with a closely guarded secret, one she is only now discovering- the manipulation of time.
Hiding dark secrets and facing danger from unknown enemies, Julia and Nicholas are drawn to each other, as together they start to realise how little Julia knew about her beloved grandfather and to understand his ominous last words... 'Pretend.'
I think this book sounds fascinating and I am completely in love with the front cover!

Things We Never Say by Sheila O'Flanagan (Headline Review, 20th June 2013) Abbey Anderson is the last person to go looking for change. Yes, it's tough that she barley sees her mother these days- but in San Francisco she has great friends, a steady relationship and a job she enjoys. When Abbey is contacted by Irish lawyer Ryan Gilligan she learns in an instant everything she believed about her roots is a lie. She must travel to Dublin to find out more- but she's scarcely off the plane when she's plunged into a new crisis. One that will change everything not just for Abbey but for the family in Ireland who had no idea that she even existed.
Now Abbey has to make a choice that will affect everything she knows. How can she be sure she makes the right one? And can life ever be quite the same again?
I have read and enjoyed Sheila O'Flanagan's books in the past, I love stories about family secrets so this should be a good read! 

The Resistance Man by Matin Walker (Quercus Books, 13th June 2013) In 1944 the French Resistance  carried out a legendary train robbery at Neuvic in the Perigord, stealing the reserves of the Banque de France. The money was never recovered.
In St Denis, Bruno, chef de police has uncovered a cache of old bank notes that may have links to Neuvic. He's also dealing with a wave of local burglaries, one of which has led to murder.
Meanwhile, the Mayor introduces Bruno to Jacqueline, a historian from the Sorbonne who's in town to research the missing Neuvic money from a different- and deadly- angle.
When Jacqueline's home is subsequently burgled it becomes clear that Jacqueline's work is political dynamite.
I've not read any books by Martin Walker, Bruno sounds like an interesting character and having it set in France will make a refreshing change. 

Wicked Ambition by Victoria Fox ( Mira, 6th June 2013) Some will do anything for fame. Others will do anything to bring the famous down. Robin might come across as feisty and full of attitude, but as the tale progresses the reader soon learns her tough exterior conceals a damaged heart, while American megastar Turquoise, has a shocking secret that belies a murderous past. And unbeknown to Californian Kristin, her boy-band beau is harboring a dark story that could destroy both their careers. As Wicked Ambition follows the lives of these three ambitious starlets, it soon becomes clear that their rise to the top will be anything but plain sailing.
As the creme de la creme of bonkbuster books and one of the most hotly anticipated authors of 2013, Wicked Ambition is Victoria Fox's third novel and set to be her steamiest yet. Based between London and LA, Wicked Ambition follows the lives of Robin, Turquoise and Kristin whose Hollywood white smiles and angelic good looks hide murky pasts and scandalous secrets a-plenty.
This sounds like a very entertaining read, makes me want to book a holiday so I can read it on the beach! 

Flora by Gail Godwin (Bloomsbury, 4th July 2013) Ten-year-old Helen and her summer guardian, Flora, are isolated together in Helen's decaying family house while her father is doing secret war work in Oak Ridge during the final months of World War II. At three Helen lost her mother and the beloved grandmother who raised her has just died. A fiercely imaginative child, Helen is desperate to keep her house intact with all its ghosts and stories. Flora, her late grandmother's twenty-two-year old first cousin, who cries at the drop of a hat, is ardently determined to do her best for Helen. Their relationship and its fallout, played against a backdrop of a lost America will haunt Helen for the rest of her life.
This one sounds intriguing, secrets, ghosts and a big house! 


Nadia said...

Dot, The River of No Return and Flora sound so interesting! Plus, I love their book covers :) Can't wait to read what you think of them and I can't wait to get my hands on copies of them.

Helen said...

I read The River of No Return recently and thought it was a fascinating story. I really enjoyed it and hope you do too!

Nikki-ann said...

I love the cover and the sound of The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway! I might have to pick it up myself :)

Dot said...

Nadia- They're great covers aren't they, looking forward to them!

Helen- That's good, I love the idea behind it.

Nikki-ann- I think it sounds quite different!

Mama J said...

I've got The River of No Return in my TBR pile and I read a very positive review about it earlier in the week.

Kim said...

Mmmm.......nice stash, Dot! The River of No Return and Resistance Man sound intriguing to me.
Hope you have fun reading them.

jessicabookworm said...

Sounds like an interesting haul of new books. I am really interested to hear what you think of The River of No Return.

Jo said...

I recognise the Shelia O'Flanagan book,it arrived at mine too!

Now on the pile for reading!!

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